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No big or small roles in movies - Eddie Nartey

Movie director Eddie Nartey says he belongs to the school of thought that believes both minor and major casts work together to make a good movie, and therefore no role is more important than the other.

According to the actor-turned-movie-director, every role is essential in the making of a movie, irrespective of whether it is a major or minor character.

Roles, he said, complement each other, explaining that if Majid Michel plays a lead in a movie without extras to support him, it won’t make sense to viewers.

“There is nothing like big or small roles. Every role in a movie is essential. Even the role of extras in the movie…without them, the movie wouldn’t be what it should. Every character in a movie contributes greatly to the story and the movie as a whole.”

“Let me give you an example: If we have Majid Michel playing the major character, what we refer to as the “big role”, and he goes to the market to purchase something. If in that scene we don’t have a lot of extras to depict a market scene how would the audience accept that scene as a market place when we all know what markets are?”

“Take the movie Expendables for instance; a lot of the big actors played as cameo in the movie and those roles were very significant. Indeed there is no small or big role in a movie,” Eddie told NEWS-ONE on Saturday.

Veteran actor, David Dontoh raised the issue about big and small roles a couple of weeks ago.

“We don’t have small roles and big roles. We actually have small actors and big actors because an actor takes a small role and makes it the biggest, depending upon the story. And so I don’t discriminate in the size of the role I play in a movie, except if it is not challenging enough for me. I will normally like to go in for challenging roles,” he said.

Source: Francis Addo
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