Business News of 2014-02-19

Payzone nominated for Africa e-Payment Award

A Ghanaian Information Technology (IT) company, Innovative EPS Limited, has been nominated for a coveted award in the South African City of Sandton.

The company has been in operation for two years after emerging on the business scene with its much hailed PayZone e-payment machines.

A nomination letter dated January 22, 2014 and signed by a senior official of the Card & e-Payment Africa Awards Secretariat, Agbokhan Ann, addressed to the Chief Executive of Innovative EPS Ltd, said the company’s nomination followed a public voting which was subsequently verified by a panel of judges.

A statement issued in Accra by Innovative EPS Ltd said the company would compete with three other business entities First Bank Nigeria, Barclays Bank Ghana and Dreamoval Ghana Ltd for the prestigious award in the category of Best Technology Initiative of the Year.

The awards ceremony, in its second year running, will be held on March 18, 2014 at the Michael Angelo Hotel at Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, South Africa.

The occasion is expected to celebrate, publicly, outstanding work and innovative contribution to the growth of card and e-Payments in Africa.

Card & e-Payment Africa Awards is an annual Pan-African event with a focus on technological advancements and innovation within the e-Payment space.

It provides a platform for all stakeholders in the industry to be recognised, rewarded and celebrated.

The Company’s Chief Operations Officer (COO),Mr Bernard Anyan-Mensah has expressed pleasure at the news.

“We are delighted at this news. We have been working hard from day one. We know we are making an impact but this is a surprise. We are not expecting recognitions in this short period of time, ”he said in a statement issued in Accra.

The statement said since its inception two years ago, Innovative EPS Ltd has been working on developing virtual business transaction payment systems, using its PayZone payment platform, all in their bid to help create a cashless society.

The PayZone platform, which currently hosts all the telecommunication networks in Ghana, facilitates the purchase of direct airtime top-ups on its self-service payment kiosks and are currently deployed at various locations in the Greater Accra Region such as the 37 Military Hospital, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GHAPOHA), Accra Mall and university campuses.

The statement quotes Mr Anyan-Mensah as hinting of far-advanced plans to enrol electricity bill payment (post & pre-paid), Ghana Water bill payment, internet bill payment, lotteries, mobile money, tax payment, banking & finance, microfinance &insurance, airline and event ticketing, among others on the platform.

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