Business News of 2014-02-20

Adamus sets pace for transformation of Ellembelle

The commencement of gold production in Nzema in the Western Region by Adamus Gold Resources has helped to transform the local economy of the Ellembelle district.

The operations of the mines, which have seen the movement of several mine support services into the area, has not only brought in its wake infrastructural development and other social services, but has also led to the employment of a large number of indigenes of the district.

The company’s quest to improve the livelihood of the people and its strict adherence to safety has made them relocate people near its mine operation areas to more improved residential facilities.

For instance in 2012, the company successfully relocated more than 2,000 people in Salman community where they were inhabited in newly constructed residential facilities with social amenities as part of the resettlement package for the community.

The new structures totalling 706 include; 461 residential facilities, 143 detached kitchens, 10 religious facilities, and 17 commercial structures.

The new community also has 29 public structures, one private school, 74 individual KVIPs, 23 public KVIPs, a community health centre with two nurses’ quarters, and a police station with three quarters for the officers.

The facilities also include a seven-kilometre gravel road with stone pitching slops, drainage structures, external and internal electrical power and additional 17 boreholes for potable water supply to the community.

The company is to partially relocate some other residents close to its operations at Teleku Bokazo.

The new settlement, which is almost complete, will see the construction of 362 improved residential facilities with public structures that will make life more comfortable for the community.

The old residential structures, which were mainly made of clay, are being replaced with additional facilities such as toilets, library, community centre, refuse park, drainage, a chief’s palace, electricity and water as well as the construction of 6.3km of road through the community among other things.

Speaking to the GRAPHIC BUSINESS, the Construction Manager of Adamus Resources, Mr Yaw Barima Sarpong, said the facility would be completed in March this year.

He said it was important to live in harmony with the host community because it was one of the best things that could ever happen to any corporate institution.

As a result, he said, Adamus was not only replacing the facilities but also adding facilities that would enhance the economic activities of the people.

When the BUSINESS GRAPHIC team toured the Bokazo community, mainly a commercial town, people were busy doing brisk business.

To them, the relocation was all right since the new location was just from one side of the street to the other.

According to some of the traders, what interests them most was the support from the company to reconstruct the Bokazo Market, which is currently not the best place to do business.

The District Chief Executive, Mr Daniel Kermanbetu Eshun, commended the company for sticking to its resettlement plans and added that, “the company has successfully resettled the Salma community in 2012 and has almost completed the settlement for part of Teleku Bokazo as well.”

To ensure that the people were satisfied, he said, from time-to-time, the homeowners visited the site to make recommendations to ensure that at the end of the project, the facilities`would meet their expectation.

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