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Funny Face, David Oscar, DKB, et al must create relevant jokes

I have been doing some in-depth thinking trying to define who a funny actor or better still, a comedian is and really, I find it quite confusing as to how David Oscar took offence to the questioning truth in the article headlined: Are Ghanaian comedians funny at all?

I have been meditating just to point out that funny comedian persona but to no avail until the ‘almighty’ tagged funniest comedian among his colleagues, Funny Face came to mind. He is indeed funny but not as funny as he was 3 years ago.

Funny Face was very funny then with his interesting jargons as he stormed various comedy and event platforms but now, he seems to be a ‘head shaker’ one-way performer even though with his trending jargons unlike the leading vicious comedian, David Oscar who forgot he has not gotten even one comedy-commercial contract in a long while to prove he is actually funny and still a comedian.

As I mentioned earlier on that Funny Face in recent times is not as funny as years back, he still receives comedy-commercial contracts including Vodafone Red, Magic Malt, olx.com, etc., which obviously David Oscar nor DKB (aside working with Viasat 1), Nhyiraba Foster, David Aglah has received.

Simply, maybe these comedians are just not doing their home works well. Among all other things, I think they should step up their game plan, create relevant jokes and give patrons adequate reasons to have them perform for Ghanaians.

Source: Ama Larbie
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