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Slim Busterr's ex-girlfriend threaten to disrupt wedding

Ghana’s exciting musician and dancer, Ebenezer Asare aka Slim Busterr, is contemplating on having a secret marriage ceremony at a secret location in the capital to avoid those who have threatened to disrupt it.

The dancer-cum-musician, who disclosed a few weeks ago that preparations were far advanced for him to get married, explained that his decision to have a secret ceremony was based on threats he recently received from certain ladies he had dated some years back who felt cheated.

Slim Busterr however stressed that though he was not disturbed by the threats, measures would be put in place to deal with the situation, adding, “I do not think the plans of the ladies will work. They are only trying to be smart.”

Two weeks ago 'Beatwaves' carried a story that Slim Busterr was ready to get married to his sweetheart at a red carpet event and that sooner or later his numerous fans would hear the wedding bells.

Speaking to 'Beatwaves' Slim disclosed that as soon as the news was made public some of friends and fans called to congratulate him for taking such a bold decision to get married.

However, “others, including certain ladies, also warned me that I should not make the attempt which I will regret very soon,” he added.

Source: George Clifford Owusu-Beatwaves
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