Regional News of 2014-02-23

AIT to establish Career Development studies

Professor Clement Dzidonu, President of the Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) on Saturday said the institute would introduce a Career Development and Employability Studies for all level 200 students in the next semester.

Prof. Dzidonu said the course would prepare and orientate students for the job market and industry by providing them with the requisite job creation and employability skills that have been identified by employers worldwide as crucial for modern technological-driven economy.

He made this known at the 5th graduation ceremony of the Institute, where 457 students graduated in PhD, Master’s degree, Bachelor degree, Diploma of Technology and Certificate of Technology.

Prof. Dzidonu said their outfit thrives to provide students with first class educational and research experience to meet the general requirements of the institute’s mission.

He said the school is currently running a PhD research work in engineering, information technology, education and business administration, and that, the PhD production rate of Germany is 25,000 per annum from 140 institutions giving an annual rate per institution of 178 PhDs.

Prof. Dzidonu said the rate in the case of South Africa is around 1500 from 13 Universities giving a rate of 115 PhDs per University per annum while Ghana’s current rate is around 2 PhDs per million population.

He said the institute has completed work on its ultra-modern Seaview Campus at Weija, in Accra, and hopes to commence work on their “Knowledge City Campus” at New Aplaku, also in Accra with a multi-purpose hostel facility for foreign students.

He urged the students to make the best out of their fields, adding that, the future will offer them opportunities that will present them with a number of possibilities to choose from to make a difference in their lives.

Professor Francis K. Allotey, Chairman of the AIT Board of Trustees, stressed that, the institute’s mission is to become a world-class technology focused teaching and research university, offering globally accredited degree programs with state-of-the art modes of delivery and promoting scholarship, innovation and scientific research.

Prof. Allotey said the institute has established direct affiliation with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and the Open University of Malaysia and maintains collaborative relations with top class universities like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of USA.

Source: GNA
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