General News of 2014-02-26

Mahama: Change is itchy but we have no choice

President John Mahama says Ghanaians irritated by discomfort, have no option but to adjust to government's determination to change how things are done presently.

According to him, Ghana cannot grow without turning away "from the systems and practices with which we have become familiar, but are no longer serving our needs efficiently".

The Bank of Ghana recently issued stringent foreign exchange measures aimed at arresting the cedi's free fall against major trading currencies- US Dollar and British Pound.

Many, particularly importers have described the directive as insensitive and unfriendly to local businesses because, it is not practicable.

But in the opening remarks to his second State of the Nation Address to Parliament, Thursday, president Mahama said the nation had no choice but to do what was deemed right.

"Mr. Speaker, we find ourselves at a unique place in history. Our beloved Ghana is a nation in transition. We are on the cusp of many exciting new opportunities. We are on the verge of fulfilling the promises our forefathers and foremothers made to us, and to the world, about the destiny of our country and the determination of our people.

"We are in the midst of change. And change can often feel uncomfortable, especially as it pulls us away from the systems and practices with which we have become familiar, but are no longer serving our needs efficiently. Without change, Mr. Speaker, Ghana cannot grow. Change is what will propel us forward, as a nation, to all that lies ahead," President Mahama stressed.

He however encouraged people to rather see opportunities that the situation presents and strategise to make gains from it.

"And these new opportunities will enable us to transform ourselves from a lower middle-income, import-dependent, developing country to a proud and robust, self-sufficient middle-income nation.

"Mr. Speaker, we have been here before, as a nation. We have been in transition, pushing our way past doubt, and past darkness, to find the dawn of a new day. Ghana was created through change, a movement of the people in support of their collective vision.

"And then Ghana went on to influence change on the African continent and in effect, the course of the world,” he stated.

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