General News of 2014-02-27

Don’t compare Ghana to Malaysia – Kofi Adams

The office of former President Jerry Rawlings says it is unfair for people to compare Ghana’s development to non African countries.

This follows comments made by a leading member of the Conventions People’s Party (CPP), Professor Badu Akosa, stating that Ghana’s development stagnated and retrogressed under the Rawlings regime.

He cited Malaysia as a country which gained independence within the same period as Ghana, but is far ahead in terms of development.

But in response, Mr. Rawlings’ spokesperson, Kofi Adams, questioned why a comparison was rather not made between Ghana and Togo, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and a host of other African countries.

He insisted that persons who make such developmental comparisons “need to do a regional analysis and ask yourself, what was the performance of Ghana vis a vis the other countries around which equally also had same heads for a very long time.”

According to him, such regional comparisons will reveal “the conditions under which West African countries were operating and the conditions under which the Malay regions also [operated in].”

Mr. Adams recalled that under the Rawlings regime, an expansion was seen in Ghana’s electrification and water production, adding that the country was not totally healthy when Ex-President Rawlings took over.

He mentioned that Rawlings took over a country “that was having inflation in their thousands, a country that was having a negative GDP at the time that it was taken over and moved to positive figures, a country that virtually had no motorable roads if you take out the motorway…so how can you talk that way.”

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