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Ghana of 1957 worked better than the Ghana of 2014 – Otabil

Dr Mensa Otabil says the Ghana the nation knew at the dawn of independence in 1957 was better than today’s Ghana.

Speaking about ‘repositioning’ at the 2014 Spring Board Road Show Convocation in Accra, of which Radio XYZ is a media partner, Pastor Otabil bemoaned how, in his view, today’s Ghana has become so rottenly filthy.

“I don’t think this is the Ghana that the people of 1957 were envisaging”, Dr Otabil observed at the convocation.

According to him, “the Ghana of 1957 worked better than the Ghana of 2014”.

“It worked better. At least we knew how to deal with sanitation in 1957. We didn’t have toxic waste dumped on us in 1957. We knew how to clean our compounds. We knew how to wash our compounds. There were sanitary inspectors who made sure things were right but we don’t have them any longer”, the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) General Overseer regretted.

He recalled: “When I was growing up as a young boy, I didn’t see people urinating by the road side. It didn’t happen. But it’s common [now] and we see it all the time and we allow it to go on”.

“So for me, when we talk about repositioning, I’m talking about shifting from haphazard, unplanned, unserious life to purposeful serious deliberate determined life.

“That is what we want to see. We want to see a purposeful citizenry. A nation whose citizens are purposeful; are serious; are dealing with the weighty matters confronting us and can courageously create a better life for themselves because we must change the African story. Africa must not become the burden of the world. We must change the story. We must change the picture”.

Source: XYZ
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