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Online marketplace: the best solution to sell used cars

Over the last five years, Africa has produced six of the top ten fastest growing economies in the world. As a result, the car market is growing rapidly. A huge proportion of the vehicles purchased by Africans are secondhand cars.
The Internet has made it possible for anyone in the world to sell or buy used car with less effort and expense. Currently, Internet penetration in Ghana is rapidly increasing. Therefore, more and more people enjoy the benefits of the Internet. As a result, more and more car sellers and buyers use services. It is an online car marketplace platform with hundreds of secondhand vehicle ads from various Ghanaian cities.
The website provides car sellers with a convenient platform to sell cars, and gives a great opportunity to reduce the costs, related to the sales. This platform allows sellers and dealers to save time and money. On the other hand, it helps car buyers to find the car, they desire, and allows comparison of prices as well as the comparison of different vehicles.
The platform is most actively used in major Ghanaian cities, such as Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, Sekondi Takoradi, however, the number of users from other regions is increasing, and the car sales ads from smaller cities appear on the platform more and more often.
The most popular car brand is Toyota, as well as Kia, Nissan, Hyundai. The age of cars varies within the range of 12-5 years. Though shipping, tax and customs have pushed car prices, there are more and more new luxury vehicles appearing on platform: BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover SUVs, as well as Maserati and Bentley. Car buyers and sellers, willing to save time and money, opt for the online marketplace since it provides simple procedure, detailed search, and opportunity to buy used cars from all around Ghana as well as brand new imported vehicles. platform runs in the country for more than a year, daily attracting new users. The things that new users are concerned the most are related to platform usage, advertisement posting and fees. Car sellers can post advertisements for free. The seller simply enter all data about the car and offer it for sale. The buyers can search for car by categories, such as brand, year of production, etc. If any questions considering platform usage arise, the website provides a step-by-step guide and customer support.
All you need to do is to contact the team via email or Facebook fan page. team also pays great attention to safety, therefore, all the advertisements are checked. In the case of any suspicions arise and seller doesn’t provide additional information, these ads are removed from website directory.
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