Regional News of 2014-03-06

Maiden Gonjaland Economic Forum held in Accra

The 2012 presidential candidate of the Conventions Peoples Party (CPP), Dr Abu Sakara Foster, has recommended that the Gonjaland Economic Forum must be concerned with initiatives that will translate the potentials of the Gonjaland into reality.

This, he said, would help bring the needed development to the kingdom and its people.

He made the recommendation in an address at the maiden edition of the Gonjaland Economic Forum in Accra on Tuesday.

According to him, any discourse on the development of any geographical area such as the Gonjaland in Africa, would obviously consider agricultural potentials.

“Therefore, let us not spend so much time emphasising the existence of Gonjaland’s agricultural prospects and other potentials, but rather spend time on materialising them,” he said.

Developmental collaborations required

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AKK Risk Management Consulting Limited, Dr Krim Adam, said politicians had over the years failed the Gonjaland in the area of development.

This failure, according to him, had made them to realise that politicians alone could not bring any meaningful development to the Gonjaland. Mr Adam was of the view that collaboration between Gonjaland, government and other stakeholders was required to maximise the potentials of Gonjaland for development.

The forum, brought together key stakeholders to draw long and short-term plans to be implemented between a period of 10 years to ensure that the developmental goals of the Gonjaland were actualised.

Investment opportunities exist

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Millennium Development Authority, Mr Martin Esson-Benjamin, said the forum was part of various initiatives of Gonjaland to identify and draw attention to its numerous investment opportunities.

According to him, emphasising knowledge on investment opportunities provided by their fertile land mass, natural endowments, rich cultural heritage through consistent awareness creation was very crucial.

Mr Esson-Benjamin explained that by so doing, more investors would be given a tangible reason to take up the investment opportunities in Gonjaland.

He advised that the forum be used to map out arrangements that would allow for the effective exploitation of opportunities associated with the kingdom.

Gonjaland Economic Forum

According to him, one significant nature of the forum was its non-partisan nature.

The forum was aimed at rebranding Gonjaland as the first choice for consideration by investors, by projecting its numerous agricultural prospects and other potentials.

In a speech read on his behalf, the Yagbonwura Tutumba Boresa I said the forum was timely because it would afford participants the opportunity to fashion effective ideas for the development of Gonjaland.

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