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Celebs death rumour in Ghana and the irresponsibility of the media

A Ghanaian journalist, Eddie Piper has vexed his anger on the skyrocketing rate at which unverified death reports of Ghana celebrities are being published in the media and its detriment to media ethics.
Enjoy the excerpt…
I have often wonder why people are quick to proclaim someone dead when they don’t see them for a while. This is something that has gone on for a while in Ghana. Today this person is dead tomorrow he is out there screaming he is not dead. Then it moves to the next person who also rubbishes the stories.
In all this, there are some group of people who seem not to be learning and continuously falls prey to this wicked insensitive publicity; The Media.
Today, Daddy Lumba is out there rubbishing rumours of his death after, ODG, Otumfuo etc.
Why is the media always eager to break the story of a dead person without doing the needed background checks?
They are in a scrambling hurry to write “Gone Too Soon,” but not so patient to know if the story they are bringing out is the final truth or not. I believe the media with all the power and connections at their disposal cannot be excused for some of these needless panics they cause to family, fans; and also throwing the whole nation into some imbalance as we await the final confirmation of a dead rumour.
Reading Daddy Lumba’s story makes me really sad that, once again, the media allowed itself be used. We cannot continue to be seen mourning people before they die or find satisfaction in concocting such bad-in-the-mouth information.
I believe it’s about time the police also step in to bring some of this un-certified news madness to a forceable end. When news of the death of a person is out in the media, the police must step in the verify especially when the info turns out to be false. I believe we have, in this country, a law against spreading falsehood… and if my krachi law is right, this should be part of the much broadcasted fear and panic offense many have suffered punishment or were to.
The media is an important part of our democracy, and if they don’t check themselves, the people of Ghana will have to check them. They owe us exclusive perfection in the discharge of the duties. They cannot afford to make mistakes just like we expect a doctor to do the right thing.
The people of Ghana have grown, this is the time for the media to change their ways. Hopefully, this should be the last time such unpalatable news will ever come out.
Source: saharaspy.com
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