General News of 2014-03-07

Don't blame me for Bimbilla shooting - Bimbilla Chief

The Chief of Bimbila in the Nanumba North District says he can’t be blamed for last night’s sporadic shooting in the area.
The gunshots started after Andani Dasana Abdulai II refused to allow his rival chief Nakpana Salifu Dawunide to be buried in the town’s museum.
One person died in the shootout.
A curfew has been imposed on the town but Andani Dasana Abdulai speaking to XYZ News said he was acting in the interest of his people.
“He is with the title of a Nakpana so I told them the family to either burry him at Nakpana where is a Paramount or they burry him in Bimbilla away from the museum...that was the only issue”.
Andani Dasana Abdulai added “I am not responsible for the shootout” saying his men only fired to defend themselves.
Source: XYZ
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