Business News of 2014-03-10

Insanitary conditions prevail at Kaneshie Market

Market women at the Kaneshie Market in Accra have blamed the insanitary conditions there on the negligence of the waste management company assigned to collect waste in the market.
They appealed to the government to ensure proper sanitation in the market because they were charged daily for that purpose.
The market women, who spoke to the Daily Graphic, were commenting on the liquid discharges from the four overflowing refuse containers at the market with the accompanying pungent stench.
Selling Around Overflowing Waste Containers
Irrespective of its health implications, traders and other market users were busily going about their duties of buying and selling.
The traders and hawkers, even though they said they were worried about the situation, had displayed their wares from cooked food, fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs around the overflowing waste containers.
A health practitioner, Dr Michael Duah, said those who would be patronising the market might not only be buying foodstuffs but diseases as well, especially if they did not cook their food very well.
He expressed concern over a possible cholera outbreaks if sanitation was not made a priority before the rains became frequent.
Traders pay for sanitation
One of the traders, Mrs Anita Mensah, said: “We pay every day. The tax collectors from the assembly give us ticket every day and I wonder if the officials can not see the mess in the market.”
According to them, the situation where refuse bins are left to overflow for a long time before they are disposed of has become the norm at the Kaneshie Market.
They were also of the view that such situations persisted in most markets in Accra, explaining that their friends and family members who traded in other markets also had such complaints.
Although some residents were not comfortable with the situation, some of them said they were left with no option but to buy from the area because of proximity.
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