Politics of 2014-03-12

Politicians must stop these ‘draw-back’ statements

: we need nationalists – now!


The United Cadres Front (UCF) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has of late observed with the utmost disdain, commentaries that have been made on the heels of the President’s “STATE OF THE NATION’S ADDRESS”. The unfortunate outbursts which to us are anti-nation-building and are out of the context of building MOTHER-GHANA, we feel that it is time for all those involved in these destructive engagements to stop – because we feel that GHANA must be built by all of us as her citizens.

We particularly refer to the statement attributed to the chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Obetsebi Lamptey, insinuating that Ghana has become a ‘hopeless’ country to live in. It is needless of us to state again, as the President has already alluded to, that our economy is undergoing some challenges. However, when politicians position their profession to be the first before NATIONALISM, we have course to be concerned as to where we are driving this country. The NPP chairman, in follow-up interviews to his statement is heard saying the 200 Senior High Day-Schools to be built across the country “…will end CHAOTICALLY…” (our emphasis). Much as he is constitutionally permitted to express his opinion just as any Ghanaian, we view this as very irresponsible – considering his public standing. It is only people with very negative mindsets who would pin their ‘hopes’ on ‘hopelessness’ and we see Jake Obetsebi Lamptey as one such citizen. We leave him to swim lonely in his belief and allow NATIONALIST GHANAIANS to swim along the drift of HOPE. The same Obetsebi Lamptey gave credence to the Africa-Watch magazine which christened Ghana the “REPUBLIC OF CORRUPTION”. Again, we consider the posturing, just as some of his party’s Members of Parliament praised the publication to the high heavens as another form of diversion to remedies that have been put in place to fight the menacing canker of corruption. Unfortunately, it is not a ‘clean silver-pot’ that is accusing the kettle of ‘being black’. The good people of this country have already placed Jake where he belongs and we would not give him the luxury of recognition in that regard. Having said so – it is trite drawing the attention of Jake and his ilk, that they should begin to learn from the former President J.A. Kufuor who, in an interview at the 1st BAAH WIREDU MEMORIAL LECTURES – said that Ghana has gone far in our 57 years of independence. In that interrogation, he agreed that the country may be in some crises but the future still looks bright if we all come together to push the country’s agenda forward. This is the type of states-manly politicians we should be craving for in our time of moving Ghana to the pinnacle of progress. And to us, we feel the Jakes should be listening and emulating this new leaf of one of his traditional path-finders. It is time we see ourselves as Ghanaians and work for our collective good – than to see ourselves as enemy-predators that would devour ourselves at the least opportunity – all in the name of political partisanship. These unproductive engagements, in the end will succeed in annihilating us in our inexplicable partisan positioning. Let us now bring out the NATIONALISM/STATESMANSHIP in us and drive off the PARTISANSHIP in us, the children of MOTHER-GHANA. GHANA can never sink – we will swim along with HER to the shores of SURVIVAL and PROGRESS. ALUTA CONTINUA! FOR: General Secretary signed Camillus M.T. Sakzeesi (Dep. Gen. Secretary) March 11, 2014

Source: Sakzeesi, Camillus M. T.
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