Politics of 2014-03-12

Press statement-NDC Justice Bench,Tamale.

We the above Youth group of NDC in the Tamale South constituency wishes to declare our unflinching support for the actions of His Excellency president John Dramani Mahama concerning the ministerial reshuffle of the regional ministers. We consider this step as a bold one and off course a step in the right direction to achieving the better Ghana agenda that our noble party the NDC has promised the people of Ghana. As many may want to dwell on the tangential to the neglect of the germane relevance of this initiative by the president, we want to laud H.E. John Dramani Mahama, the 2012 elected president of the republic of Ghana for telling Ghanaians that, it doesn’t really matter which part of the country you are coming from, you can serve as well as occupy the highest political office in any part of the country after all we are one people, one nation with a common destiny. The past move, in our candid opinion beat down the tensions that often characterize the nomination of regional ministers on ethnic as well as zonal basis. For us the president has done his part, the onus now lies on these ministers to deliver beyond measures to their respective regions in order to inject absolute confidence they show in their previous regions. We also want to indicate our endorsement for the newly appointed minister for our region, Alhaji Limuna Mohammed-Muniru. In as much as we loved Mr. Beide Zideng and believed in him to drive our region forward, we are absolutely confident that Alhaji Limuna Mohammed-Muniru will do well as our new regional minister. Our checks and investigations convince us that, he is an appropriate man for our region. We would like to highlight a few of the credentials we have found about him. He has worked under the Ministry of Health as a deputy director; served in the capacity as a project coordinator under the national health insurance authority. Worked at the ministry of Water Resource, Works and Housing. Chairman for the Interim Hajj Management Committee in 2008, by this position he helped in stabilizing Hajj operations in Ghana. And in all these areas he distinguished himself to the admiration of many Ghanaians. Alhaji Limuna Mohammed-Muniru is youthful, full of energy and dynamism and has an excellent human relation. It is our hope that, he will bring his vast experience in some of these critical areas to bear in our region. We as youth in the region will be counting on his network to help the region realize the desire of important developmental projects especially improvement in education, the health sector, roads, electricity and water. We would like to allay the fears in our people, clear doubts and to avoid the unnecessary discrepancies. For us our common problems are poverty, low opportunities for our people, poor state of infrastructure, poor healthcare delivery among others and not personalities. All we are interested in is to have our aspirations and developmental challenges as a region addressed swiftly. We conclude by urging all and sundry to accept and support the in-coming minister, for if he succeeds, the region succeeds and all of us succeed. Long live H.E John .Dramani Mahama, President of the republic of Ghana, long live ndc founder,H.E J. J. Rawlings, long live NDC and the people of Ghana. And long live the people of Northern Region. GOD BLESS OUR HOMELAND GHANA. IBRAHIM HARDI (Chairman) sign …………………………… Contact ---0208235615/O266630833 Salifu Mashud Abiola (Secretary) Sign…………………………. Contact ---- 0208075366Source: GHP
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