Entertainment of 2014-03-12

Reggie Rockstone weeps for creative arts industry

Grandpapa and pioneer of popular music genre Hip life, Reggie Rockstone has described the creative arts industry, especially the music scene as the biggest oversight over the years despite the impact it has had on the development of the country.

Reggie Rockstone made this known in an interview with NY DJ on Kapital Radio during a discussion on the relevance of Ghanaian music to the development of Ghana.

In a submission, Reggie Rockstone asserted it was pathetic the country could not boast of a music industry but rather a music scene after 57 years of independence.

Asked the difference between the two, he explained an industry involved the right structures that made sure artists gained the right revenues and royalties from their sweat so that the government could also make enough money in developing the nation.

He however referred the lack of an industry to what he termed “childism”; an attitude that makes the elderly look down on the youth and never want to listen to them.

“The music scene has been a sort of employment for many Ghanaian youth, but this attitude of childism which prevents a child from making inputs or contributions during adult conversations has left our needs being overlooked. We can’t even express ourselves to the authorities”.

He advised authorities to pay heed to the cry of Ghanaian youth, to better make informed decisions and not only see the relevance of the musician during political seasons.

Source: nydjlive.com
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