Business News of 2014-03-15

‘It’s unnecessary for investors to see the President’

A former Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) is questioning why investors are allowed to go and see the president or a sector minister when the GIPC is highly capable to handle all negotiations.

There have been several occasions where investors who come into the country request to hold talks with the president directly. Concerns have been raised in this light and critics have described as totally unnecessary.

Mr. Kwesi Abeasi told Citi News, the GIPC can equally be equipped to make it a one-stop shop where investors will not have to see the president.

“It is a matter of how quickly you can react to an investor because investors don’t have time to spare or waste going to see a minister. Most investors come here and you take them to the President. Why?” he asked.

He insisted that it is needless for investors to see the president because an agency such as the GIPC “is there and that is where everything happens.”

Mr. Abeasi recalled that during his tenure as GIPC CEO, he ensured that the Centre became a one-stop shop for investors but “when I left, it was dismantled.”

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