Business News of 2014-03-16

Maxmart expanding the workforce base

Maxmart, a leading chain of mega, one-stop, shopping centers in Ghana, has changed gears in its resolve to bring employment to the youth of Ghana. Together with its parent company, Kwatsons, over one thousand indigenous Ghanaians of various professions, skilled and unskilled labour, and others are gainfully employed bringing sustenance to immediate and extended families. This comes as no surprise knowing the benevolence of the Chairman, Dr. Fawzi Wolley, whose long standing history in the realms of humanitarianism has earned him favour amongst all those who know him, one way or the other. Interviews conducted with some employees, preferring anonymity, have revealed the conducive nature of the employment environment precedent in the various shopping centers and warehouses under Maxmart and Kwatsons, respectively. At Kwatsons, it is noticeable that the hustle and bustle of goods delivery and distribution is like a carefully choreographed dance of efficiency in apt style. At all Maxmart shopping centers, the scenario is no less important and fascinating, catering for hundreds of visitors daily in the most exemplary fashion yet unrivalled in this industry, thus far, in Ghana. A cashier, upon interview, disclosed that the favourable environment has upped the co-existence of expatriates and their local colleagues creating that cordial atmosphere necessary to accord shoppers the requisite conviviality and courtesy, making manifest the unique motto: “A PROMISE OF SHOPPING EXCELLENCE”. In this regard, on-location technicians are, continuously, employed to replace those who decide to move on in their lives in search of greener pastures, although working for this company is a full time career filled with opportunities for promotions and betterment of one’s living standards. Applications are often received and in this breath a frivolous search for the best persons for the job is a daily affair while management continues to deliver on its commitment to better the lot of Ghanaians by way of scholarships, corporate social responsibilities and development of the community, thus benefitting the Ghanaian society largely, as a whole. It is worth noting that, even, the disposal of waste is done by employees, well catered for, to reduce the menace of garbage and the stench that emanates thence from. As a result, the ambiance is, generally, a clean one, quite endearing to the shopper, who most-often-than-not returns for another bout of indulgence in the shopping excellence that is promised and fulfilled. We doff our hats to this group of stoics who believe in Ghana and, certainly, Ghanaians, too!!!Source: Fadi Dabbousi samih
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