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Food commodity prices in Accra remain stable - Survey

Prices of foodstuffs across major marketing centres in Accra remain relatively stable in the week to Friday, a GNA survey has shown.

The survey carried out in a number of centres including Abeka, Adabraka, Tema Station and Makola markets indicated that most staples have not seen any price change for the one week period as demand remains low.

At the Abeka market, three pieces of ripe plantain were sold at GH¢2.00 while four pieces of unripe plantain were also sold at GH¢2.00. A cup of raw 'agushie' was sold at GH¢4.00 Two big tubers of yam are being sold for GH¢5.00, while three small tubers of cassava went for GH¢1.00, and GH¢2.00 for five medium sized ones.

A cup of white beans was being sold at GH¢2.00 while a small bucket of tomatoes was going for GH¢5.00 and GH¢4.00 respectively depending on their sizes.

One bowl of gari went for GH¢3.00 and GH¢3. 50 respectively, depending on the quality, while a five kilo bag of perfumed rice was selling between GH¢22 and GH¢25 depending on the brand.

An olonka of maize sold for GH¢2.00 while an olonka of groundnuts went for GH¢9.00, with a bunch of cabbage also selling between 50p and GH¢1.00 depending on the size.

A bunch of kontomire sold between 50p and GH¢1.00 depending on size while tuna, popularly called opoku, was selling between GH¢5 to GH¢20 depending on the size.

The same stability in prices was reflected at the Adabraka market. The price of a bowl of pepper had remained stable at GH¢3.00 for the red pepper and GH¢2.00 for green pepper.

A bucket of garden eggs and okro remained unchanged at GH¢7.00 while a tuber of yam sold between GH¢3.00 and GH¢7.00, depending on the size.

The story was not different at the Tema station market where three tubers of "puna" yam went for GH¢5.00 while a heap of cassava sold between GH¢1.00 and GH¢2.00 depending on the size.

A cup of white beans was sold at GH¢1.70p while a cup of agushie was sold at GH¢4.00. Three big fingers of ripe plantain went for GH¢2.00 while four fingers of unripe plantain also fetched the same price.

A small bucket of tomatoes went for between GH¢4.00 and GH¢5.00 depending on the size. An olonka of maize was sold for GH¢2.00 while an olonka of groundnuts cost GH ¢9.00.

Similarly, the Makola market showed no changes in foodstuff prices over the week. An Olonka of maize sold at GH¢2.50, whiles a small bottle of palm oil sold at GH¢2.00.

A 1.5 litre Voltic bottle of palm oil was sold at GH¢7.00, with the small bottle of vegetable and palm kennel oil selling at GH¢1.50.

The price of a tuber of yam ranged between GH¢2.50 and GH¢5.00. A bunch of plantain was sold at GH¢15.00, with cassava going for GH¢5.00 per bunch.

A bucket of tomatoes went for GH¢10.00, with onion selling at GH¢9.00 for the same quantity. A small basket of green and red pepper went for GH¢2.00, while a small basket of garden eggs sold at GH¢3.00, also depending on the bucket size.

Source: GNA
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