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C.K. Mann is not dying! - Son

The family of Ghana’s legendary highlife musician, C.K Mann, has refuted media reports suggesting that the 78-year old is in critical condition requiring financial assistance for medical care.
Describing the reports as “distasteful”, Anthony Mann, son of C.K. Mann, said they were considering legal action against a Ghanaian entertainment website where the story emanated from.
The story claimed the Adjoa Yankey hit maker who is currently in Takoradi, the capital of Ghana’s oil producing Western Region, was dying slowly of a terrible ailment.
It further suggested the maestro could not afford a square meal and his medical bills, hence launched an appeal for funds to support the man whose musical career spanned 40 years.
“We want to state emphatically that C. K. Mann like any 78-year person, is sick from any common sickness that affect older people and not a terrible disease the writer sort to portray,” he said.
A statement issued in Accra on Friday said at no point has the musician or his family sought financial assistance to cater for medical bills and his (C.K. Mann) upkeep.
However, reacting to the story, the son who speaks for the family directed the publishers “to correct the story immediately and cease from receiving any donations in C.K Mann’s name”.
He said, we are “capable of taking care of our father”. C.K., on February 13, was admitted in a hospital in Takoradi and discharged a week later but continued to be given medical attention at home.
He was said to have requested to be taken to the GHAPOHA Hospital on March 7, where he would feel comfortable. “I want to be at the hospital,” the son quoted C.K Mann.
C.K Mann has played an instrumental role in Ghana’s highlife music genre in the 1960s by incorporating new elements (funky highlife) into the traditionally styled highlife at the time.
The rosy sound that C.K. Mann created, however, began to dilute under commercial success by the mid-1980s.
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