Business News of 2014-03-20

Commercial banks to start accepting National ID cards from July

Bank customers would from July, be able to use their National ID's for their transactions with any financial institution.
Many commercial banks currently do not accept the GHANA CARDS issued by the National Identification Authority. This is because, they do not have an online program to verify the true identity of the card-holders.
But Public Affairs Director at the authority, Bertha Dzeble tells JOY BUSINESS, banks would soon be given the verification program to address this problem.
“We have a public-private partnership that we are using now and that is going to take this verification service. They will bring the equipment to be able to connect the banks to our system. Indeed the foreign nationals also have issues, they’ve paid for their I.D cards, they go to the banks and the banks are rejecting them and so it’s a great worry to us.
"For the reasons they have, we think it’s better to work together and solve the problem than take a legal action that people are recommending. We want to be able to work with them and give them the opportunity to be able to verify them” she explained.
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