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All Africa Literary Festival to hit Ghana this May

All Africa Media Network an international media organization incorporated in Ghana in 2009, established to promote the practice of developmental journalism on the continent, using a Pan African approach in pursuing this agenda of influencing the western Media on their editorial policy on Africa via publishing of Media Reports, newspapers, books, and journals on the positive stories of Africa and organizing seminars, events and other educational series to educate and sensitize people on the new order of African Development will be awarding outstanding individuals in Africa and beyond during the 3 day All Africa Literary festival in Accra Ghana.
The 3 day event will commence on May29 and end on the 31st of the same month at the British Council auditorium in Accra Ghana.
The all Africa literary festival is aimed at promoting creative writing and reading culture in the African Continent. The conference brings together Writers, readers, publishers, literary societies, thinkers and marketers of Literature globally under an African roof, to foster the trade of creative writing and encourage the art of reading, its impact to the intellect and mind, in addition to highlighting the opportunities in the writing industry to the young and upcoming African writers.
It provides a welcoming ground for networking between the moguls of the writing and publishing industry as well as the young writers in its lowest rung, Captains of literary societies will participate to share priceless tips on kicking off writing careers and the opportunities that lies silently in the industry.
It features a literary workshop for teenagers and young adults which is aimed at demystifying the mystery of writing to their mind, encouraging them on advantages of joining the noble profession and how to use creative writing as a voice of change in their communities. Young participants drawn across the continent from top secondary schools are expected to participate in the literary workshop which will prepare them for kicking off writing careers of theirs thereby protecting the future of African literature and creative writing in the continent
The festival features a variety of presentations and readings by internationally renowned authors, as well as other events, delivered over a period of 3 days, with the primary objectives of promoting reading, and fostering a love of African literature and creative writing.
All Africa Literary Festival is designed to provide an intellectual and academic entertainment for lovers of books and the general society of Man.
Preparations are on-going for an Afrocentric experience to all the participators of the festival, book launch, literary workshop for young adults, poetry recitals, stage play performances, and recognition of exceptional Africans both at home and in the diaspora are part of the programs in the coming event that is engineered to transform the reading and writing culture in our society.
The launch of Ghana literary prize by the Ghana literary prize foundation will also take place during the festival, there will be tours during the 3 day event and the 3rd All Africa media network awards will be the closing event at the 3 day festival.
Source: C.Iwuoha
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