Martial Art of 2014-03-25

4th Mission taekwondo April 5

The organising committee of the Mission International Foundation, will on Saturday, April 5, host the fourth Mission International Taekwondo Team Championship at the DG Hathramani Sports Hall of the Accra Stadium.

The five-a-side competition consists of five players from each team competing simultaneously and accumulating total scores at the end of the 3rd bout. The event will be the fourth successive competition being organised by the foundation.

In a chat with the Daily Graphic, the president of the foundation, Sesi Dzakpasu, stated that the competition had attracted players from neighbouring Togo, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire in the past.

He also suggested that many more countries must participate this time around, with a future plan of seeking a licence from the World Taekwondo Federation and African Taekwondo Union to host the championship in the West African sub-region by 2016.

Sesi Dzakpasu also added that the various clubs and countries have confirmed their participation in the championship and are preparing earnestly for this competition on April 5.

The event is a voluntary initiative aimed at developing local talents in line with the objectives of the Ghana Taekwondo Federation and creating awareness for the sport.

At stake are cash prizes, medals and trophies for deserving winners.

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