Business News of 2014-03-29

Prices of commodities closed the week mixed

The weekly GNA market survey, conducted in key markets across the country, has shown that prices of most commodities closed the week mixed, either stable or slightly higher.

The survey showed that while the prices of some commodities saw slight increases during the current week as against the previous week, others remained unchanged as at Friday, remaining at the same levels as they were last week.

For instance, a bowl of Gari which sold GH4.00 last week in Mallam Atta and Nima markets and other market centres in Accra went for GH4.50 on Friday.

Other commodities, whose prices were up include Beans (Niger variety) which sold at GH6.50 last week and is now going for GH7.00, onions which was at GH8.00 last week now sells for GH8.50 while Agushi (Niger variety) at GH16.00 last week and this week GH16.50, the Burkina variety last week at GH13.00 and this week at GH13.50 pesewas.

While a bowl of tomatoes (Navrongo variety) which was sold at GH10.00 last week is now selling at GH11.00 this week. At the Agbogloshi Market, prices of foodstuffs at the market remain relatively unchanged as compared to what was recorded last week.

Five fingers of ripe plantain were sold at GH2.00 while seven pieces of unripe plantain were also sold at GH2.00. A small bucket of tomatoes has remained at GH8 and GH7 over the week depending on their sizes and quality.

A tuber yam is being sold at GH4.00 while a heap of cassava was sold at GH1 and GH2 depending on the quantity. A bowl of white beans was sold at GH9.00 while One "olonka" of red beans was sold at GH7.00.

A small bucket of tomatoes was going for GH7.00 and GH5.00 respectively depending on their sizes and quality. At the Nima Market in Accra on Friday revealed that, prices of foodstuffs at the market remain the same as compared to last week.

The survey revealed that, an olonka of red millet for instance which was sold at GH9.00 last week is still selling at the same price this week. A bowl of groundnut (Niger variety) was sold at GH9.00, while the Burkina variety was sold at GH7.00 while that of dried pepper was sold at GH10.00.

At the Kaneshie Market remains relatively unchanged and comparable to prices of foodstuff in markets in Accra. Three pieces of ripe plantain were sold at GH2.00 while four pieces of unripe plantain were also sold at GH2.00 with a cup of raw Agushie also going for GH4.00.

A medium size of smoked salmon fish was sold at GH5.00 while five pieces of small smoked herrings was sold at Gh2.00. Two tubers of yam were sold at GH5.00 while three small tubers of cassava were sold at GH1 and GH2 for five medium sized ones.

A cup of white beans was sold at GH2.00 while three small packs of iodated salt was sold at GH1.20p. A small bucket of tomatoes was going for Gh5.00 and GH4.00 respectively depending on their sizes.

A bowl of maize was been sold for GH2.00 while that of groundnut was selling for GH9.00. In the Tamale Metropolis, prices of commodities have remained stable for third straight week in a row as the GNA survey in the two key markets showed.

The survey in the Aboabo and the Tamale Central markets showed that prices of tomatoes and pepper, which reduced slightly last week, remained stable this week. Prices of all other commodities maize, Yam, cowpea, onions, and soya beans had their prices unchanged.

Maize currently sells at GH1.50, same price as last week. Soya beans which sold at GH3.50 last week still remained at the same price on Friday. At the Nungua Market the cost of yam tubers depending on the size ranges from G3.00 to GH 8.00, while a heap cassava was going for GH2.00.

The price of various brands of five kg bag of perfumed rice ranges from GH 16 to GH 23, while a bowl of groundnuts, beans, Bambara beans, maize and millet were going for GH 9, GH 6, GH 10, GH 2.50 and GH 4.50 respectively.

Seven small size snails, five medium size snails, five large size snails and five very large size snails were costing GH 5, GH 10, GH 20 and GH 30 respectively, while a crate of egg depending on the size of the eggs was being sold at GH 8, GH 9 and GH 10.

Four fingers of green plantain cost GH 2.00, however four or five fingers of ripe plantain was going for GH4.00.

Source: GNA
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