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Exclusive: How and why Ref. Andoh died

The Referees Association of Ghana, have unreservedly condemned the autopsy report released this week on the cause of death of Referee Kyei Andoh who was severely beaten almost a month ago by supporters of Gold Stars FC and died some four days later.

Many people have alleged that Kyei Andoh, who was only 21 years old, died as a result of the beating he suffered from football hooligans who were unnerved because a penalty was awarded against the home side barely 5 minutes to the end of the game. And many have concluded that the Pathologist, Dr Osei Sampene had been induced to proclaim that Kyei Andoh had died of natural causes.

Painstaking investigations by XYZ Sports have revealed that the conclusion of the Pathologist is factually correct, in that Kyei Andoh did die of natural causes.

XYZ Sports can confirm that Kyei Andoh had a medical condition known as Vital Multi-Organ Insufficiency, a health problem that he had been suffering from for some time now. The condition affects the vital organs, essentially the Liver, Kidney, Spleen and Heart.

All these organs within the body of Referee Kyei Andoh, according to the evidence unraveled by XYZ Sports, was not only malfunctioning but also over weight and virtually at the end of their tether.

XYZ Sports discovered through its investigations that on the day Kyei Ando died, he had just finished eating before retiring to his room. He started complaining of headache moments later just before suffering a massive cardiovascular accident, induced by a massive aspiration of undigested food particles and this is what killed him.

Sports Journalist Jerry Kwame Ayensu who has been at the forefront of a campaign for ‘justice for Referee Andoh’ said that “he will not question the findings of the autopsy but insisted that the campaign for Kyei Andoh is one which wishes to make sure that the Police fulfill their obligation to arrest those responsible for viciously beating up Kyei Andoh days before his demise”.

Kwame Ayensu also expressed shock that the Referees Association could not detect that Referee Kyei Andoh had such a serious medical condition and called for all referees to undergo thorough medical examination once they have successfully completed their “Coopers Test”.

Kyei Andoh is to be buried next month and his funeral expenses will be borne by the Ghana Football Association.

Source: xyz
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