Politics of 2014-04-01

Newly created Districts struggling to survive – Hon. Dominic Azumah

The local government committee in parliament has conceded that newly created districts are struggling to survive. The districts were created ahead of the 2012 general elections.

The chairman of the local government committee, Dominic Azumah, has told XYZ News, lack of funds and logistics have thwarted efforts by some of these districts to undertake developmental activities.

Members of the committee are now expected to tour some of these districts to carefully ascertain their individual challenges and demand of government to address those concerns.

“The newly created district assemblies are facing some challenges, so we would want to give them some attention. In the course of the parliamentary recess, we will travel across the country to visit those new assemblies.”

He said failing to tackle the issues affecting the various assemblies will significantly affect growth in those areas.

Source: radioxyzonline
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