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Expunge the proxy voter's list

.....for the election of NPP national officers: Nationwide

Network of Patiots. The nationwide network of Patriots has observed a worrying trend of grievance expression on the issue of the proxy voting . It is customary to hear varying concerns raised against proxy voting at almost every level of election of party officers and how it has become a rigging tool in favour of some aspirants. There is widely held perception that the proxy voters list is one of the conduits through which elections are manipulated to favour other candidates through the introduction of non-existent delegates.

I t would be recalled that prior to the NPP fllagberarship race in 2010, some presidential aspirant nominees, Prof Frimpong Kwabena Boateng, Isaac Osei and Mr Alan Kyeremateng through their representatives raised red flags with regards to this category of voters , requesting that the election committee blocked the furtaher registration of proxy voters, which culminated into a raging controversy between the aggrieved aspirants,their supporters and the election committee. It had to take the timely interventrion of the council of elders to resove this issue. Again,After the election of the national executives in 2010, some aspirants as well as some party bigwigs complained that the proxy voters list was used to rig the elections in favour of a particular candidate. Particular Mr Steven Ntim ,one of the contestants for the NPP chairmanship slot is on record to have bitterly lamented on Asempa fm in 2010 on how the proxy voters list was overbloated by the election committee and how some TESCON representatives were handpicked to favour some candidates.a situation he believed robbed him of a victory in 2010, Clearly, all this complaints cannot be coincidental, the aggrieved parties who felt cheated had grounds to complain. Furthermore, the proxy voters list was not used in the constituency and regional elections, because of its predictable shortcomings, consequently, there was very few controversies after the regional elections.

We recognize that it is unconstitutional to deny anyone of the right to vote, but it is equally expedient that we are able to filter out the illegitimate votes so that the eventual victors will reflect the true choice of the party, since the proxy voters list has proved problematic in previous elections, It is in the light of the above that we do humbly suggest to the electon committee that the proxy voters list should be expunged, so as to prevent any post –congress controversy on this issue. Going into the 2016 elections , one thing we cannot afford is needless divisions. Ghanaians may be tired of the NDC , but we ought to show readiness ,unity and capacity before they will see us as worthy alternative.

Long live Ghana

Long live NPP

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Source: GHP
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