Regional News of 2014-04-03

Sekyere Afram Plains District to enjoy good drinking water for the first time

Residents of Drobonso in the Sekyere Afram Plains District of Ashanti have over the years competed with cattle and other animals for the only source of drinking water in the community.

An intervention from a group of Dubai philanthropists will, however, afford the community access to portable and wholesome water.

The group is constructing mechanized boreholes at the cost of $100,000 to curtail the residents’ exposure to disease-infested water bodies.

The predominantly farming communities in the Sekyere Afram Plains district have been deprived of good quality drinking water for a long time.

About 4000 people at Fumsua, Dawia, Abenoa, Issakrom and Mamprusi and other communities have to travel about 50 kilometers to get water from polluted streams.

Bilharzia, Buruli ulcer and diarrhea are common diseases among residents, especially children.

Despite the danger posed by the use of unwholesome water from streams, residents of Drobonso prefer it to what they say is salty water from boreholes.

But thanks to the gesture of some businessmen from Dubai, the water situation is set to improve as 100 thousand US dollars is earmarked to provide wholesome water to residents.

As part of the project, a borehole is being mechanized to serve communities in the district.

Nhyira News has witnessed instances where residents had to wait patiently for their turn at banks of some streams as cattle drink from the water sources.

This means residents who have been sharing water with cattle and other animals would now have clean drinking water.

The philanthropists at a durbar organized in their honour at Drobonso also promise to build a clinic and a 3-unit classroom block for the deprived district which has been without health facilities.

One of the sponsors, Murad Sodikov, says the businessmen who have helped provide good drinking water to the people of Mozambique were touched by the plight of residents in the district.

“The people are nice; always smiling at us. I think Ghana is a nice place to be. We came to Ghana to do some projects on water. We’ve been in Mozambique before Ghana. We put some water works in some villages to people who doesn’t have access to drink pure water. So we heard from our friends that here also in some village; there are some people who need pure water to drink so we decide to Ghana also to see how people are living”. Mr. Murad said.

Construction works on the small-town water project has started in earnest as materials needed are procured. They include a Poly-tank, plastic pipes, generator and water pumping machines.

District Chief Executive, Donkor Fusieni is delighted residents would for the first time enjoy wholesome water.

According to him, the significance leap means a new dawn for residents who have been without good drinking water for a very long time.

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