Entertainment of 2014-04-04

Radio presenter confirms the use of juju in the entertainment industry

Exactly a fortnight ago, Flex newspaper had a conversation with one of the pioneer presenters of Pink 96.9 FM called Eric Akoto also known as 'Golden Boy'at Kasoa.

He disclosed that, there was 'juju' or voodoo activities and hatred in the entertainment industry as he has realized. He said most people are using evil spiritual powers to enhance the successes of their works or to bring other people down.

He added that the sabotage is not making the industry grow. Eric who has been in the music industry for two decades now has gone through a lot of such problems.

“Musicians, actors and presenters spiritually work against each other all in the name of fame and riches. Sometimes an individual feels things are not going well because of normal human deficiency but secretly there would be a hidden source,” he revealed.

He said all those involved in this ungodly act should put a stop to it because it doesn't help the music industry.

Eric hosts 'Ade Akye Ebia' from 4am to 6am on week days.

Source: Daniel Lartey
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