Business News of 2014-04-09

Samsung introduces Energy-Saving Freezer

Samsung Electronics West Africa has introduced an all new Duracool Chest Freezer to the Ghanaian market. This new Samsung home appliance has been designed to manage power efficiently in order to save consumers energy and money while offering them superior freshness in food storage.

According to Richard Nunepkeku, Marketing Manager for Samsung; “The Duracool Chest Freezer is designed to make life truly easier for users. It operates with less noise and provides bigger space for more storage, and keeps items fresh. It significantly saves energy consumption up to an unbelievable 70% and, it is capable of maintaining a zero degree temperature for up to 9 hours when power goes off.

The new Duracool Chest Freezer also comes with a compressor which guarantees the user smooth operation during voltage fluctuation of 135V~290V.”

The Duracool Chest Freezer, offers a host of unique features which includes a nice design and a clear back which makes it easier to clean. The fast freezing option enables quick freezing for food freshness. This reaffirms Samsung’s dedication to providing innovative appliances that deliver unparalleled performance, enhanced flexibility, superior organisation and more convenience for the 21st century customer.

“Now customers can relax without the fear of power outages affecting their fresh products. With our new chest freezer one can always be assured of fresh food even during power outages”.

Mr. Nunepkeku added that the all-new energy-saving Duracool Chest Freezer is currently available in all Samsung authorised dealer shops nationwide.

Source: Samsung
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