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Dancehall artiste Vybrant Faya release Viral Video for hit single Mampi

Weeks after unleashing his first single – Mampi which is fast becoming the country’s biggest yard dancehall music and an anthem, Vybrant Faya signed to the Shatta Movement family has release a viral video for the hot single.

The video comes in handy especially when the artiste is preparing to shoot the official video soon. Confirmed news has it that Vybrant Faya’s official video will be shot by an international video director outside the shores of the country. When we contacted the camp of the SMF, they confirmed that the viral dance video is ready and will be released soon.

The video was shot by Xbills Ebenezer of Xpress Films and had its locations inside the Accra. In a chat with management of Vybrant Faya, they disclosed that the viral video will set the pace for other musicians to follow.

This is not to say that other artistes have not shot viral videos before but the quality and creativity behind it makes the difference.

‘This viral video from Vybrant Faya stands as official videos for many but like SMF we always say, we are here to leave a dancehall culture and setting new standard is part of it’, the management member added. Vybrant Faya who is preparing for his first international outdoor in South Africa is grateful to everyone especially the ghetto youth for their support.

‘I can’t mention names but to every ghetto youth in the country know that I appreciate your love and support. To my facebook and twitter followers, Jah bless every one, his words to fans’.

The Mampi viral video will be released to fans of Vybrant Faya via whatapp first, then social media and then finally on your favorite Television station.

Source: Nanayaw18.com
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