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Jesus, apostles observed Passover, not Easter

Passover is not just a Jewish holiday,

It is one of the "Feasts of the Lord" in the Bible, all of which have special meaning and significance for all believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The feasts were commemorated by Jesus and His apostles – and continued to be observed by Jesus' followers in the first century even after His death and resurrection.

Most Christians recognize that Jesus, or Yeshua, was crucified on Passover. But they may not know He arose on the Feast of Firstfruits.

So why does today's church observe a holiday known as "Easter"? The "Easter" celebration came centuries later when the church began to combine pagan holidays with biblical feasts.

There's still time to learn these important lessons before the 2014 Easter feasts are past.

The Easter feasts begin with Passover at sundown April 14 this year. Most Christians in the world celebrate Easter Sunday, April 20.

For instance, is it true the Bible says we cannot know the day of Jesus' return?

By understanding the Hebrew roots of the Bible, we can actually know the specific date on the Hebrew calendar of the Messiah’s return. It's just the year that remains a mystery. This misunderstanding of what the Lord said about His return is due to a simple misreading of the Scriptures – partly a result of not understanding the cultural context of the message.

Would you like to know the specific day of the Lord's return?

Easter feasts – or appointed times – were fulfilled by the first coming of Yeshua, the Hebrew name of Jesus, which means "Salvation," . The fall feasts will be fulfilled by His Second Coming – in the very near future, that relates in an engaging, informative and entertaining series of teachings you will want to watch again and again and share with your friends, relatives and fellow believers.

It must be emphasized that, these feasts, described in Leviticus, were not intended for the Jews alone. but they are meant to be observed as well as to serve as signs of the times in which we live – reminders of the greatest events of the past and foreshadowings of the future.

Today much of our churches are asleep – unaware of the significance of the feasts in God's holy time clock. The feasts were not intended to be abandoned by believers after the coming of Jesus. His followers observed them in the first century. It's time to rediscover them again as the hour of His return approaches.

The Bible over and over again commands believers to be "watching" – and provides some shocking and amazing hints for the discerning student.

Today most of our churches are unaware of this very specific prophetic time clock offered by God to the human race in the Bible. Because of this, he believes many Christians will be surprised rather than watching with anticipation and hope, as the Bible commands.

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