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Certain actions might make me retire from acting - Grace Nortey

Grace Nortey, one of Ghana’s veteran actresses, has complained to Razz entertainment newspaper about certain actions that make her want to put an end to her acting career.

Last year, Women in the Creative Arts Association advocated on behalf of some veteran actors to be given movie roles by producers, since they are much experienced and can play vital roles in movies.

Grace Nortey, whose name was among the list of the veteran actors the Women in Creative Art Association advocated for is still nowhere to be found in our current movies.

“I have not been around. I took a French leave to America about a year now to relax, so maybe it might be one of the reasons why nothing has changed after the campaign. I just came back this week and I have been home, so maybe that’s part of the reasons why I have not starred in any current movie”, she told Razz entertainment newspaper.

According to her, she monitors and updates herself with the happenings in Ghana and the Ghanaian movie industry even though she is not active on the silver screen presently.

She made mention of the fact that, she gets worried about the murder and accident rates in the country.

Talking about the movie industry, she said it’s been a year since she watched new releases. She rather prefers watching the old ones as compared to the news ones.

Mrs Nortey complained bitterly about how the media sometimes overstress issues relating to women. She cited Emelia Brobbey’s alleged theft case in London as an example. According to her, she did more behind – the – scene research to ascertain the truth about the whole issue since lots of people called her to ask for details about the matter.

To her, she’s grateful that most of the young ladies in the industry listen to advice whenever they are going the wrong way and are being counselled.

Talking about her movie career, she pointed out that she logically doesn’t have plans of retiring, but circumstances and situations on the grounds might make her retire very soon.

“When you are growing up, you have to take your time in doing certain things. Acting doesn’t have age limit. My heart is really in the job but it might get to a point that certain actions and certain things might make me retire” she said.

She continued; “Acting is very difficult and stressful in terms of movement from one location to the other, treatments on set, and frustrations which does not favor old age women like myself”. These, according to Mrs Nortey, are some of the things that might contribute to her retirement.

In relation to that, she entreated Ghanaians, particularly those in the movie industry, to make effort to find out how they (veterans) have been faring if they do not hear from them or see them on screens for a long time.

Source: Mustapha A Inusah-Razz Newspaper
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