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Fake Condoms Flood Ghanaian Market

According to medical experts, condom use is the only contraceptive method that can protect against against both pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs), including HIV, but this is only when it is used properly.
According to the Adolescent Health and Development report, in 2009, about 8, 717 pregnancies went through unsafe abortion, in 2010, the number went up to 10, 785 and in 2011, it increased to 16, 182. According to recent available statistics, about 1, 157 abortion cases have so far been recorded in the Eastern Region of Ghana alone.
The increasing number of these abortion cases has raised doubts as to whether Ghanaian s are properly using condoms the right way? Or the situation is the contribution of the alleged fake condoms in the system. Studies have shown that when not properly used condoms can slip off completely during sexual intercourse. Averagely, about 2% of condoms tear or slip off but when correctly and consistently used, condoms can prevent 80% to 95% of HIV transmission. To find out if condoms in Ghana are in good shape, reliable and affordable, freelance journalist network hit the streets of Accra purposely to interview some young people on their knowledge on the use of condoms. Majority of the young people we spoke with, aged between 14 and 19 were of the general opinion that most condoms in Ghana are of inferior quality and as such one requires skills and tact to use them satisfactorily. They however added that the brand or type of condom always make the difference.
With such horrible figures on unwanted pregnancies and abortion cases in Ghana which is likely to lead to a possible increase in STDs, is it fair to conclude that the alleged US$6 million fake condom scandal which was discovered to be of inferior quality but was imported into the country by some corrupt officials are still circulating in the Ghanaian markets? Most users of the popular “Be Safe Condoms” including commercial sex workers who spoke with freelance journalist network said that particular product gives them a lot of problems as it often burst during sexual intercourse. They claim it is not adequately lubricated, but they continue to use it because it is cheaper. A pack of four “Be Safe” condom costs Ghc4 in the pharmacies. The investigative Desk of freelance journalist network, is currently on a mission to unveil further details on fake condoms in Ghana.
Source: frank owusu obimpeh
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