General News of 2014-04-19

SADA scandal is a conspiracy by northern elites – Atik

“I feel scandalized by the revelation in the SADA story…It is a conspiracy by some Northern elites against the North;…there is no single investment that they have done by way of increasing employment…They have seen SADA as an opportunity to make money…the project stinks and if it fails, that is the end of the North in terms of development…,” says Atik Mohammed.

The Policy Analyst for the People’s National Convention (PNC), was expressing his indignation at the shocking exposé by Manasseh Azure Awuni on the Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) project.

An investigation conducted by ace journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni reveals that SADA, which was instituted to implement the afforestation project in the Northern part of Ghana, is in shambles. A video which came with his report shows that the lands which are supposed to have green-leafy trees planted on it, rather has dried brown leaves on them.

Evidently, the project which has already been paid for has nothing significant to show for it; virtually no trees, absolutely nothing to show for it.

Sharing his view on the investigative piece, Atik Mohammed described the murkier SADA contract as a conspiracy by some ‘northern elites’ against the poor folks in the north.

He called on government to take action against all those involved in the shady contract, adding that anyone who has participated in this ‘rot’ must be penalized.

“We need not play politics with this…it is the ultimate responsibility of the President, especially hailing from the North, to ensure that anyone who has contributed to this mess be dealt with. We want pragmatic steps,” he said.

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