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J.O.E.L's jealousy saga

Radio presenter/DJ/Rapper, well that’s just a few slashes when it comes to the multi-talented ‘badboy’ who goes by the acronym J.O.E.L.

Joel Orleans has been featured on the Chasing Dreams EP by Producer/Rapper Mike Millz which was released on the 31st of March 2014.

'Jealousy' is track four (4) on the EP and is already making waves online as it has been warmly accepted by Hip-hop fans.

The Y107.9fm radio presenter who can pass as a TV host put aside both roles as he went H.A.M on the ‘Jealousy’ beat demonstrating his lyrical Hip-hop potency.

The beat itself can be described as nothing but extraordinary with a blend of African drumming and chanting that brings out a theatrical anthem to the song.

The song which lasts for 3.49min saw JOEL spit heavily in his ‘slur’ American accent on the first two verses while he capped it off with the last verse in pidgin showcasing versatility.

I first saw him exhibit his rap skills by free styling on ‘Bless The Mic’ a rap show for underground Emcees and after J.O.E.L’s verse the only word that came to my mind was D.O.P.E! This new single has the dope quality attached to it and with time the young rapper will certainly blow up.

Coupled with this, Mike Millz the ‘Chasing Dreams’ producer also had words come to his mind as he said “‘The EP would not have been complete without jealousy’. I’ve always admired Joel’s style, we previously working on ‘Down for whatever’ and I couldn’t help myself but to put him on it after listening to his features on Coptic’s Mixtape.”

Source: Georgebritton
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