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Nii Commey’s Anticlockwise; a play of breathtaking genius

Not too often are people able to directly identify with the plays or movies they watch on screens or on stage. But when they do in the most fascinating manner, the obvious question would be who was behind that movie or that play?

Nii Commey’s Anticlockwise was one such example of a play that told a story about life; a life that was all too familiar to many Ghanaians; a play that was easier to connect to. And he told the story in the most thoroughly fascinating way.

With a cast of seven, Nii Commey serenaded patrons who flooded the National Theatre, Sunday, with a dose of laughter whilst treating some of the most delicate issues of poverty, love, marriage, disappointments and an incredible determination to overcome all formidable odds.

Anticlockwise was everything gone haywire in a family, in a marriage and it was everything working together for good for they who trust in the Lord.

Oopana was a man gifted with poverty and without any real effort at eradicating it, he gleefully passed it on to his children. He inherited a house and a poultry farm business from his grandfather and did his best to run it down. Mosquito net and flourescent bulb were his only addition to the family inheritance. The small proceeds from the poultry farm were heavily invested in alcohol, thanks to a wayward friend, Righteousness or rather impurity, whose hobby, apart from drinking, was to get married and divorced to women.

Oopana’s son-Tettey Drogba, was a footballer, a dreamer who always dreamt about a career at Chelsea but spent a good number of his adult years playing Hasaacas Babies. He banked his hope on a football age to succeed at Chelsea. He was the stone that was rejected even by his own people. His father disowned him; the only woman he loved hated his poverty and never shared his dream of playing for Chelsea. His sister was a chained divorcee, a racist who never saw anything good in the black man. But can you blame her? The only good thing in that family was the wife and mother. She was the rock of faith but for how long would she keep believing when everything went from bad to worse?

Swapping jokes with ready wits, Nii Commey dazzled his audience with an unparalleled side splitting dialogues and a plot that completely swept his audience off their feet.

His cast was young but showed a mastery of the trade. His song selection for the play was adept, quite symbiotic to the mood and the setting of the play. And with the partnership of Mamaye Ghana, an organisation that promotes Maternal and Newborn health, Nii Commey brought a feminine and human touch to a play of breathtaking genius and helped create awareness about the need to fight against mother and child mortality.

It was a play well written and superbly told to a passionate audience on Sunday. Organisers say there will be a repeat of Anticlockwise in Kumasi for the audience in Ashanti Region and if you thought for a moment that, per this review you have seen it all then think again.

How long would the Oopana family swim in the river of poverty? Did Tettey Drogba, with his football age, ever get to fulfill his dream of playing in Chelsea? Did Righteousness succeed in his evil plot to marry the daughter of his best friend Oopana, knowing too well he would divorce her? The answers to all these intriguing sub-plots and more will be found in the Kumasi edition of Anticlockwise in June 2014.

Source: Nathan Gadugah-Myjoyonline.com
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