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Ghana Insurance Colleges passes out 152 students

The Ghana Insurance College (GIC) has passed out a total of 152 students on the occasion of its 7th graduation ceremony in Accra.

In all, about 56 students received Diploma certificates, 45 students were awarded with Advanced Diploma certificates while the remaining 51 received certificates for the various courses they undertook.

Commissioner of Insurance Mrs. Lydia Lariba Bawa, speaking at the ceremony, underscored the need for adequate training of professionals in the country’s insurance industry -- saying the profession is currently in a state of evolution.

“Our industry is in a state of evolution, and for that matter it behoves products of the College to apply the knowledge acquired so as to meet needs of the industry. Insurance is a very important segment of the economic sector of any economy.

“I hope the College is viewed as the centre of excellence for the training of professional insurance personnel in order to feed the whole of the West African sub-region.

“The important role the College is expected to play in this direction cannot be overemphasised, and we at the helm of affairs will continue to broaden the scope of courses so as to serve the changing needs of the business environment,” she said.

Mrs. Bawa charged the graduates to take advantage of the opportunities in the industry and strive to attain the ultimate professional qualification by chartering.

The Ghana Insurance College was established to develop the requisite human resource that is needed to sustain and build the capacity of the insurance industry in the country.

Professor E. A. Obeng, Vice-President, Academic of Central University College, admonished the graduates to adhere to the high quality standards of the insurance profession.

“As you embark on your new professional career, I urge you to act in the public interest by promoting good corporate governance and consistently applying global standards.

“Nations develop when professionals lead by example and demand of themselves the highest standards of performance, and make progressive increment in their stock of knowledge through research,” he said.

Source: BFT
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