Business News of 2014-04-27

Prices of goods and foodstuff continue to rise

Prices of goods and foodstuff continue to see some upward adjustment even after the Easter celebration.

A market survey conducted by Ghana News Agency at the Takoradi Market square on Friday revealed that plantain which used to be six pieces for GH 1 now sells at three pieces for GH 1.

A piece of tuna which sold at GH 2.50p now goes for GH 4 with the bigger size selling from GH 7.00 to GH 10.00. A pound of beef or mutton sells at GH 7, frozen chicken for GH 25 and fresh broiler or cockerel from GH 15.00 and GH 30.00

The prices and quantities of vegetables had also recorded some changes. Currently two pieces of carrot goes for GH 1.00 while three medium sizes sell at GH 2.00 Cabbage sells from GH 1.50p and GH 3.00

French beans, green leafy onions, cucumbers and lettuce have all witnessed reduction in quantity and relative increase in price from GH 50p to GH 1.00

A cup of local rice is traded at GH 1.30p, while an olunka of wheat sells at GH 12.00. Olunka of millet is GH 5.00, Beans is GH 15.00, maize is from GH 3.00 to GH 7.00 and Gari around GH 4.00 to GH 5.00

Source: GNA
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