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Gospel musician OJ calls it QUIT

Prolific song writer and Gospel artiste, OJ says he is done with writing songs for fellow musicians.

In an interview with Abrantepa on Radio Univers, OJ who has composed couple of songs for many Gospel musicians including Noble Nketia, Ceci Twum, Esther Smith, Lady Prempeh, and DSP Kofi Sarpong disclosed that he has come to the realisation that in Ghana, songwriters are not well recognised.

He says in most cases, the attention is given to the musician; not the song writer. He also noted that, it is not worth it selling an intellectual property.

“I have written a lot of songs for many people. But in Ghana, the attention is on the musician rather than the song writer. If you decide to concentrate on only writing, you may go hungry or get discouraged. So I have decided not to write any song for anyone. A song is an intellectual property. So even if you sell it at two million, at the end of the day, he may make a hit that can even elevate him so much that you may be jealous.”

Asked if he has been jealous of any musician after selling a song to him, OJ humorously said “I was never jealous but I was shocked. I thought the fellow would come and add more money to what he gave me”.

According to the inspirational musician, even if he would write songs and sell, it would be on condition that both parties would agree on certain contractual terms: that, he would sell it at a lower rate but can record the same song in about five years or so since songs have no timeline.

The “Maye se wo pen” hit maker told the host of Weekend Mix that, he wouldn’t advise anyone to sell a song he or she has written. However, if any musician needs his help, he is always around as it will fetch him blessings from God.

Source: Albert Benefo Buabeng
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