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Video: “DKB Live Tour” comes to an end @ Central

It was the night that will last forever as DKB sealed his final tour with the strongest signal to Ghana and beyond that comedy lives in Ghana and that the same Ghanaian people who can laugh at foreign jokes can equally amuse themselves.
The students of Central University College came out in their numbers to watch a show packed with vim and nobody was disappointed a bit. They danced, sang, jumped up and down and truly manifested that they own the land where the show was held and nothing will stop them from showing their true colors. The jokes came in turns mingled with music and each performer was at his best.
Aalloo was the first comedian to perform on stage and his usual approach was appropriate to set the comedy night mood in its rightful place.
Khemikal followed with composed stature and pursued the jokes line systemically while the audience lost control.
Aunt Mary held the students to laughing hostage with his unique drama episode. Augustine another GH comedian from Takoradi demonstrated the power of each region as a strong contributor to national jokes while students responded in affirmative.
DKB was the last man to perform comedy wise, and took his time to ensure that every word that proceeded from his mouth achieved the intended effect.
The musical performers were awesome, the group from the college especially their female rapper was exceptional.
Gasmilla and Joey B also took the students to new excitement heights. Gasmilla was a great dancer and performer while Joey B easily connected with his already made fans waiting eagerly since it was announced he will be there.
The students assisted heavily in the organization of the event and DKB was so grateful to the wonderful team. DJ Cola and DJ Orange the major sponsors of the event were there to ensure that students get a free drink as each proceed with a ticket. The DJ, the MC, The crew contributed to a successful night. How I wish that many companies will sponsor Comedy Shows in Ghana, it will indeed transform dramatically the comedy landscape.
The DKB Live tour has come to an end but this is only the beginning of greater events and shows for the comedy industry. DKB nailed it, using real live situations to entertain his people. Speaking in various Ghanaian languages and drawing inspiration from historical facts to make the people laugh.
Only a Ghanaian can do that, Only a Ghanaian can truly and genuinely make Ghanaians laugh, others may try but they can never ever do it like a son of the soil.

Source: Chuks Ineh- chuksineh.com
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