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Dream Entertainment to organise Ghana Campus Choice Awards

Dream Entertainment would be organising its maiden edition of Ghana Campus Choice Awards 2014 to honour the true creators and contributors to campus life, taking into consideration the fields of art, philanthropy, media and entertainment.

A statement issued to the Ghana News Agency by Dream Entertainment on Wednesday said the awards scheme is designed to acknowledge the efforts individuals and groups in the various tertiary institutions put in towards development.

It said over the years, the Ghana award industry has seen different award schemes, from academic, corporate, agricultural, hospitality down to sporting award events which acknowledge and award individuals who have excelled in different endeavours in their careers and lives.

“No awards scheme exists to acknowledge outstanding students, lecturers, corporations and media houses who have given their best to improve the lives of our future leaders or to award individuals who have excelled in different fields with their talents and in creating their own businesses in our tertiary institutions,” it said.

The statement said: “We are persuaded that the future is decided by what we do today.

“That is why we are gathering the smartest minds in Art, Media and Entertainment, Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship from all the tertiary institutions in the country to showcase, reward and cause impact in the society”.

The statement noted that “Student Event Organizers, Photographers, DJ’s, and other outstanding personalities from campuses in Ghana will be honoured for the first time officially”.

The statement quoted Mr Victor Van-Daer Segbefia, the Marketing Head for Student Projects of Dream Entertainment, as saying “one of the visions of Dream Entertainment is to provide avenues and create a network for student individuals and brands to promote themselves across the country better thus the establishment of this award”.

He said being the maiden edition, Dream Entertainment through Ghana Campus Choice Awards 2014 would focus on student recognition and networking.

“They will go across the length and breadth of the country’s tertiary institutions to find deserving young individuals and brands alike” he added.

Mr Segbefia said Dream Entertainment as a brand aims to provide a huge platform before the main event for student individuals and businesses in various universities interact adding, this is going to include a “nominees’ jam” in some selected tertiary institutions.

“We hope to create a community network of students and brands from all tertiary institutions in the country covering over 500,000 student shapers to make sure that our vision comes across the right people to become reality” he added.

Source: GNA
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