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May Day Today: Immigration officers' 8 months salary in arrears

Information picked up by Ultimate Radio indicates that some workers of the Ghana Immigration Service who were recruited nearly a year ago, have not been paid their allowances or received salaries for eight months.
The frustrated workers who revealed this to Ultimate Radio, say they had to speak out because authorities have failed to give them any assurances or explanations for the delays.
The personnel stationed in the Central Region, who want to remain anonymous, told Ultimate Radio life has become extremely difficult considering that general economic conditions in the country at present are unfavorable. The immigration officers, particularly those operating outside their home regions, are disturbed.
“We began training on April 19 and passed out on the 16th of August 2013. But we started work on September 16 and till now, they haven’t paid us. When we came back from training, they assured us they will be giving us allowances, but till now, they haven’t paid us,” one of such persons bemoaned.
The frustrated officer, however, indicated that they were given some five hundred cedis last month after several complaints and were notified that the money would be deducted from source when government releases any money for their pay.
Other affected workers lamented, “People have been posted to other regions where they do not know anybody there. We have to feed ourselves and some of us have girlfriends, wives and kids looking up to us. It has become very difficult for us and we can only say we are very worried.”
Another immigration officer who shared her frustration stated, “You can imagine, some of us are married with kids and some of us are away from home. People are depending on us and if you explain to the world that you don’t have anything, they don’t believe you because you are in uniform and they expect you to get something for them. Those in the remote villages are suffering and those in the cities are also crying. All we are asking is when our monies are going to be paid”.
The workers are also particularly worried that although they passed out in August, 2013, their colleagues who passed out in December last year are undergoing their biometric registration, which should certify them to receive their salaries.
When contacted, the Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Immigration Service, Francis Palmdeti, denied knowledge of any salary arrears among personnel of the Immigration Service as he and his subordinates had received their salaries up to date.
He, however, assured he would be checking with his office for confirmation.
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