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PPP Second Anniversary Celebration

PPP Second Anniversary Celebration, in Tarkwa, WR. Statement Made by Papa Kwesi Nduom
I wish to express our appreciation to the chiefs and people of the Western Region and Tarkwa for the enthusiastic welcome they have given to the Progressive People's Party (PPP) since we announced that we will hold our anniversary event here. We have come to the region in solidarity with the people. The region that is giving Ghana oil and gas, gold, timber, cocoa, bauxite, manganese and brilliant people deserves better than what it has received in terms of development and quality of life.
The PPP is in very good shape. The party has remained very active on the national and local fronts. Since the 2012 elections, the party has won many people over to become members. Many, many young men and women - students, workers and professionals of all types have joined to make the PPP the party for today and the future.
I have four points to make today.
1. Winning an election and ruling the country successfully are two different things. It is easier to win an election and it is much more difficult to lead a country and its people out of poverty. Indeed, the Ghanaian experience since 1992 has proven that it is easier to loot state resources and use them to fund a campaign and buy votes and be declared a winner than to provide tangible, positive results the people can feel when in power. We have had people who win election only to wake up the next morning and ask themselves, "...now that we have found power, what are we going to do with it?"
Ghanaians must understand that every election year in the 4th Republic has resulted in deficits, uncompleted projects and piles of debts - 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012. Senseless projects are given out on contract during elections years that are inflated. Phantom projects are given life just to siphon our hard earned tax money into party people's pockets to buy t-shirts, laptops, cars and provide cash for votes. In life it is easier to take and spend what does not belong to you than to develop a sound vision, invest money, engage good people and work hard to earn a living. It is easier to shout slogans, than to develop practical plans to create jobs. We are living this experience in Ghana today.
2. Who is in charge in Ghana? I am just asking, is there anybody in charge of our country? Yes, we have a President called John Dramani Mahama and he has a multitude of ministers of state and advisors. But really, is there someone in charge, in control? When the cedi loses value the government blames "dollarisation". When contractors are not paid, we blame our so-called development partners for not disbursing funds they have promised to us. Ministers of state and NDC party leaders blame the workers and the salaries government itself agreed to pay to them for economic challenges. The President on one occasion has said that "dum so, dum so" erratic electric supply was an act of God. And he says Ghana is not in an economic crisis only to turn around and promise that our economic difficulties will be turned around this year! The reality in life is that you cannot improve what you do believe or know does not exist. Again I ask, who is charge in Ghana to bear responsibility, be held accountable and lead us to prosperity?
3. The PPP is the only viable choice for Ghana. The PPP is the only political party in Ghana today capable of leading a team of the best men and women to transform Ghana today from third world to first in a record time, with urgency, selfless dedication to work and discipline. We have no malice in our hearts and no scores to settle with anyone. We just want the opportunity to develop our country and make its people prosperous.
During the 2012 some people went around campaigning that don't vote for Papa Kwesi Nduom because he is alone and does not have people to form government with. Can anyone tell me in Ghana that the Mahama-led NDC administration been able to field a competent, experienced team of people to run this country's affairs well? Now look at the PPP with its fine array of visionary and competent men and women - teachers, engineers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, farmers, fishermen, the best. That is why we are able to present well thought out ideas on free, compulsory, continuous education, better health care, creating jobs, corruption, strengthening parliament, etc. the PPP is the party of ideas and it take competent people to bring out excellent ideas he country can benefit from.
The PPP is the only political party in Ghana committed and dedicated to the principle of incorruptible leadership. We say our leaders including the President must show the way by paying tax and making their assets known. We believe that corruption is the rot destroying our nation and preventing our forward March. We want to save the billions of cedis we lose to corruption so we can build the safe roads, good hospitals, provide quality education and create jobs.
Today, Ghanaians mention PPP in the same breath as the NDC and the NPP but they are discovering that the PPP does not favour tribalism and does not play the dangerous game of ethnic politics.
PPP people are not in politics because of our "stomachs". It would have been more expedient for us to join the NPP or the NDC if that was the case. There is nothing in government to tempt us that way. It is all about sacrifice in the national interest. The only thing that tempts PPP people is the will to transform Ghana, and not "stomach politics". We believe that it is noble to serve one's country.
Ghanaians can expect from the PPP an uncompromising adherence to the principles of social justice and self-determination. It is time we brought the economy back home to benefit our own people. I will be an activist leader of the positive type. In that regard, I aim to present visionary leadership that is vibrant and one that connects positively with all of the people.
To enable transformation to happen in Ghana, It is only the PPP that will promote a real, tangible change in attitude, commitment and a strong competitive spirit. A government led by the PPP will apply the full weight and authority of the state to liberate Ghanaians in an unapologetic manner. We will champion the cause of "Yen ara asaase ni". This means making formal education a right for all and not a privilege, giving the Ghanaian entrepreneur advantages by the use of the state's purchasing power and giving power back to the people through the right to elect those who govern them in their local communities. It means the state making it possible for Ghanaians to live in an environment that is clean, hygienic and free from preventable diseases like malaria and cholera.
4. On this day, the PPP is telling Ghanaians you get what you vote for. If you vote for someone because they give a sewing machine, GHC10, a drink, etc, that is what you get. We know many believe from experience in the Foiurth Republic that elections do not lead to a better life, so they take what they can get during election times and vote for those with handouts. They do this only to cry with regret soon after that the roads are dangerous, electricity is unpredictable and expensive, water is scarce, there are no jobs and you must be lucky to get a good education. The PPP is here to tell the people of the Western Region and all Ghanaians that there is a better choice to make. There is a better way, to vote for those you believe can deliver what you need and want, and that is the PPP. It is time for change for the better.
Finally, I wish to congratulate all progressives for their faith, resolve and commitment to the Progressive People's Party. The PPP is here to stay and become a big, winning player in Ghanaian politics. Let us continue to be the party of ideas, decency and discipline. Soon and very soon Ghanaians will discover and vote for the bright red sun.
Source: Divine Nkrumah
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