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For men, size matters - KSM

When KSM urged the ladies to make men sweat for a long while before agreeing to their proposals, most of the men who had come to watch KSM’s latest show “Confessions of GH Man” last Saturday at the National Theatre may not have been too happy about his statement.

However, the ladies seemed to be delighted at the thought. They laughed loudly when KSM gave a series of jokes about how men felt when they were denied sex for a long time.

In his latest play, KSM touched on many issues in relationships and marriages including the important place good sex play in sustaining marriages.

According to him, the size of a man’s manhood and how long he can stay on during sex determines the future of his marriage.

KSM got everyone laughing when he cracked a joke about a big man who started calling his driver the boss because he has seen the size of his manhood. “Even men respect their fellow men who have big penis”, he said.

At the end of the three hour show, KSM earned lots of applause for a good job done.

Source: Kofi Duah-Graphic Showbiz
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