Regional News of 2014-05-06

Woman and two kids in miraculous escape

A 32-year-old mother and her three kids had a close shave with death when a tractor went out of control and rammed into their single-room house.

Afua Asamoah, alias “Afua Fofie,” says “it is a miracle that the family escaped unscathed”.

The tractor said to have faulty gear with the tyres deflated and abandoned, suddenly began to move- ran for more than 50 metres before crashing into the building, leaving it in complete ruin.

Narrating her story to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), the badly-shaken woman, said the incident happened at about 1430 hours on Sunday.

She had just returned home from the market and was with her children aged between three and 14, and did not have the slightest inkling about danger.

Afua said but for the alertness of another person, who saw what was happening and kept shouting to us “to flee” it would have been disastrous for the family.

With teary eyes and the voice breaking at this time, she said, “Just as we dashed out, there was this big bang” as the “spinning metal” hit the house and reduced it into rubble.

“We were given no time to pick anything, we have lost everything," she added.

The driver of the tractor, Ibrahim Issaka, confirmed to the GNA that the vehicle had been parked over the past five months because of a mechanical fault.

He said he found it strange that it could run that distance to cause such a mess.

He is now assisting police investigations to unravel the mystery.

Source: GNA
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