Business News of 2014-05-07

Free WiFi service for selected locations

QSG World Limited, a local technology firm and agents of Purple WiFi, has introduced onto the Ghanaian market a free WiFi service that allows shops, hotels,restaurants and other businesses to serve their customers better through free Internet connectivity.

The free WiFi service, according to QSG World Limited, will help user facilities increase their visibility by making their webpages the homepages on the browser after the WiFi connectivity and also help them to retain their customers on social networks.

Purple WiFi is a software-developing company based in the United Kingdom.

Customers are automatically logged on to the company’s existing WiFi when they click the "like" button and enjoy internet access for any duration determined by the business.

The Public Relations Manager of the company, Mrs Gifty Osei, said they had entered into an agreement with Purple WiFi to bring their world-class services to Ghanaians through businesses and institutions.

She explained that the free access to the Internet would also motivate customers to prolong their stay at the business locations, be it in a mall, shop or restaurant.

Mrs Osei added that the installation of the system, which will also serve as an advertising medium for companies, would cost between $43 and $93 per monthly subscription.

QSG, she explained, was negotiating with a number of businesses in the country for them to use the service.

"By allowing the business to control this free internet access, the application can help to build and sustain customer traffic and observe consumption behaviour," she added.

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