Regional News of 2014-05-10

Ban on noise making commences May 12

The ban on drumming and noise making to usher in the celebration of this year's Homowo by Gas would begin from Monday, May 12 to Thursday, June 12.

A statement from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly signed by Mr Sam Ayeh-Datey, Metropolitan Coordinating Director and copied to the Ghana News Agency, appealed to the public to respect and honour the customs and traditions of the Ga State.

It said during the period of the ban the usual form of worship should be confined to the premises of churches, mosques and noise levels must be minimised to the barest limits.

Also, the Christian community and the traditional authorities must show respect for one another during the period.

According to the statement the positioning of loud speakers outside the premises of the Church and Mosque is banned and roadside evangelists are to cease their activities during the period.

"Apart from the task force which consists of AMA personnel, the Police service and Representative from the Traditional Council, no other person or group should be seen or found enforcing the abatement of the noise in the metropolis,” the statement added.

Source: GNA
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