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Reasons why you should not miss this year’s 'GHANA meets NAIJA' mega concert

The 4th edition of the annual mega concert-GHANA meets NAIJA will be held on 24th May, 2014 at the Accra International Conference Centre, and this is an experience you cannot afford to miss.

Over the years, ‘Ghana Meets Naija’ has received rave reviews in relation to how the carefully selected musical artistes have thrilled patrons with great performances. And this is not the time Empire Entertainment will deliver anything less of what they are known for.

Considering the on-going preparation, the artistes to perform and the behind the scene strategies being put in place to make this year’s concert a non-forgettable experience, I’ve decided to put together 5 top reasons why you shouldn’t miss this year’s mega concert.

Great Musical Performance is a Guarantee

Let’s be frank, no one steps out to a musical concert to primarily socialize and become a self-imposed fashion police so to assess the fashion sense of others. What we want and the reason why we go to musical concerts is to enjoy our self and witness electrifying performances. And this is exactly what ‘Ghana Meets Naija’ will bring to music lovers.

With energetic musical performers such as Sarkodie, Davido, Castro, Guru, Wizboyy, Kcee and others billed to perform on the night, you are definitely going to get more than your money worth---and this is a guarantee.

These artistes have mastered their stage craft and with a repertoire of hit songs to their names, it is going to be amazing back to back performances, all geared towards giving you the greatest experience.

Your Security is in Good Hands

I do not step out of my house to attend any concert or event without evaluating my individual safety and the track record of the organizers or the crowd I am likely to be in their company. To be frank, every reasonable person does this since your safety today is your future.

And you cannot really enjoy yourself if you are worried about how safe you are at a particular place, even if you push yourself to be out there.

In order to make sure your mind is at rest, well relaxed to tap into the ‘Ghana Meets Naija’ experience, Empire Entertainment has over the years invested heavily in their Events’ security---and this year, they are even stepping things up.

You know what they say; you can always use the past to rightly predict the future. For the 3 years that the mega ‘Ghana Meets Naija’ concert has been on a run, there has not been a single incident of security lapse---or any of the thousands of people who attend the concert each year complaining of having suffered any damage or injury.

So apart from the fact that the security has always been at its best, ‘Ghana Meets Naija’ has a mature crowd, who share a common interest---music and are simply looking to have great time.

‘Ghana Meets Naija’ has never had an incidence of National Security officers slapping, handcuffing or subjecting patrons to any abusive treatment. You security is in good hands and this is another good reason why you should be out there.

You Stand the Chance to Win Amazing Goodies

You know what, you don’t even get this opportunity if you buy VVIP tickets to see Beyonce or Jay-Z---and this has never been done in Ghana before.

The organizers of ‘Ghana Meets Naija’-Empire Entertainment are not just keen on giving patrons a great musical experience but also; they want to offer ticket buyers a life-helping opportunities.

By kind courtesy of Unibank-official sponsors of the Black Stars, you stand a chance of winning a FREE trip the Brazil 2014 World Cup when you purchase a VIP or VVIP ticket for this year’s ‘Ghana Meets Naija’.

Not just that, VIP and VVIP ticket buyers also stand a chance of winning a Beach Front Land at Prampram, courtesy of another sponsor of the event-MegaLife Investments.

Where will you be offered this great opportunity as a concert ticket buyer? Probably in heaven and even that, you have to die first to get there…

Be Part of the Winning Team

Each year, countless musical concerts which are staged in Ghana FLOP---with either the advertised artistes not showing up or patrons being giving sub-standard entertainment, not worth a quarter of their purchased tickets.

Attending such concerts do not just leave you with great disappointment, you feel ripped-off and as though you are part of the losing team, a crowd of unsatisfied people.

With ‘Ghana Meets Naija’, you will be proud that you attended and you will experience how it feels to be part of something great---the winning team.

The thing is, people have their hard earned reputation to protect. Bola Ray, CEO of Empire Entertainment has a tall standing reputation, unlike other concert organizers. He will not compromise on anything to soil his many years of industry hard work.

Sound, Stage and Light Placements Will All Be On Point

Apart from the exciting social media interactive screens that add extra fun to Ghana Meets Naija concerts, the sound quality has always been perfect---and it will definitely be this year too.

I’ve attended concerts where the speakers have not been well placed, distorting the sound quality or even sometimes, capable of messing your ear drums. In such instances, you will never be able to fully enjoy yourself even if your favourite song is being played.

When it comes to ‘Ghana Meets Naija’, exceptional care and professionalism are dedicated to the sound, stage and light placements---to ensure that patrons get the best in terms of visual and sound. If you want to have the best of time like you’ve never had before, don’t miss this year’s Ghana Meets Naija concert…If you go and it is anything below your expectation, come here and inform everyone the concert was a MESS.

The tickets are going for GHS150 VIP and GHS100 Regular. As usual, VVIP tickets are limited and for limited VVIP tickets which come with complimentary beverages and front row seating, call 054 594 9067 and 054 606 1118.

You can purchase a ticket from MTN Stores (Osu, Accra Mall and Tema Community), Unibank Branches (Kokomlemele World Trade Centre, Accra Mall and Tema Community 1), Joy FM, Koala in Osu, Empire Entertainment and Krew Mens Grooming Dansoman.

The 4th edition of Ghana Meets Naija is sponsored by MTN, Unibank, Oak Plaza Hotel, rlg, Smirnoff, Africa World Airlines, MegaLife Investments and Atlas Rent A Car.

This event is organized and powered by Empire Entertainment.

Source: Chris-V.
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